There are a lot of products out there for birds including cages, perches, play gyms, toys, food, and more.

Quite frankly, there is a lot of junk out there on the market that either does absolutely nothing for your bird — or can actually harm your bird.

I am contacted all the time by companies wanting me to endorse or support their products — and I tell them all the same thing:

“If I have not used your product with or for my birds — and if they do not benefit from it in some way — then I simply cannot and will not endorse it.”

If I recommended a product to you and you had a bad experience with it, that is damaging to my reputation as well.

This is one of the reasons why you are not going to see a quantity of links on my page.

The other reason for that is this:

If I listed all of the things here that I have used, that work well for my birds, and that I truly believe in — then you wouldn’t have a need to attend one of my seminars or workshops, would you?

Because it is in these venues that I do cover all of these things — and make my recommendations to you!

Having said this, there are a select few I have listed — or will be listing here in the future — that I have used for my birds — that work very well for my birds — that I feel 100% comfortable in sharing with you — and endorsing.


A lot of people tell me that my birds always look so vibrant and healthy.

I credit this two two things:

First, their diet!

Lots of fresh veggies, fresh fruits, and a combination of seeds, nuts, and grains!

And when it comes to the best combination of the seeds, nuts, and grains — I use and highly recommend two brands —

The first — SLEEK and SASSY Bird Seed — made in Monroe, Oregon.

Specifically, I use NUTTY GARDEN AND GRAIN — and GARDEN CONURE varieties.



Another brand, which I use exclusively for my ECLECTUS PARROTS, is VOLKMAN’S AVIAN SCIENCE SUPER ECLECTUS



In addition to a great diet, the other reason why I feel my birds are in the best of health is the amount of time I spend with each and every bird — giving them all quality time outside their cages — and a lot of interaction with each and every one of them on an individual basis. Their mental health is equally as important as their physical health!

When it comes to bird toys out there in the marketplace, there are a lot of things that are BAD for your bird — even DANGEROUS.

I do not like any bird toys that are made of plastic!

One of the companies who carry unique, all natural bird toys that are some of the best I have come across — and used with my birds — is PLANET PLEASURES


This is a very innovative toy line made exclusively with earth-friendly materials that are stimulating for parrots, sustain the environment, and provide a livelihood for the producers – a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for ALL!


Their toys are tree-free (meaning no tree was cut down to make any of their products), contain no plastic, glue, or toxic chemicals of any kind!


I have used many of their products with my flock and am very impressed with the quality, how they draw the interest of my birds, and how long they last. I also feel much better knowing the environment was not harmed in any way by the production of these items!


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