“Your shows…your animals…are great! That is why we have you promoting Animal Planet all over the country.
I have received nothing but the best feedback from your efforts!”

John Hendricks, Founder and CEO of Discovery Networks


With Cuff, the Siberian Lynx, and John Hendricks in Washington, D.C., 1997

“It was a joy to watch you introduce kids of all ages to your exciting animals! I also want to convey my appreciation for your splendid presentations, professionalism, smiles, and hard work!”     Stephanie Davis, Marketing Manager, Animal Planet


Doing a show for Animal Planet in Keystone, Colorado, 1997

“Your show was fantastic! Not only did the children have a terrific time, but parents did as well! A very educational and entertaining performance! We will definitely have you come out again soon!  –Holly Beglinger, Marketing Director, Cedar Hills Crossing, Beaverton, Oregon



“We have never had an assembly (until yours) where the animals became a teaching instrument that created a frenzy to learn more!”    —Brian Kroessin, Crooked River Elementary, Prineville, OR

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“Karl Anderson, the Oregon Birdman, was great to have at our summer camp in Portland, OR. His communication and quick responsiveness made all the paperwork go very easy and smoothly. When it was the day for the show, he came early to setup and scope out our site. The campers got a great wealth of knowledge about the different birds and they still talk about the show today! Thanks, Karl!” —Carrissa Hsieh, Steve and Kate’s Camp, Portland, Oregon

“The Oregon Bird man presented his beautiful birds at Rainbow Valley Day Camp. The kids loved his wonderful show and it was a highlight of their week. I was blown away at how great his show was and I highly recommend his show to anyone considering an animal show. I have never seen a presenter that was able to hold the attention of 100 children for an hour. Great show!!!”  —John Hurley, Rainbow Valley Day Camp, North Plains, Oregon

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Here are some comments from our patrons:
“The guy is very knowledgeable about birds and it makes the audience think about the relationship between humans and animals.”
—-Patron, after seeing a show at one of the libraries in Portland, Oregon

Winter Wings Article 2

“First rate experience.  Really.  Great to meet the birdman it makes you feel good to know there are people out there who do these shows for people!”
—Patron, after seeing a show at one of the libraries in Portland, Oregon

In all my 30 years of teaching, I have never seen anything to even approach the variety of animals exhibited, the professional handling of both the animals and the audience, or the ability to hold the interest of approximately 200 junior high kids for a full 50-minute period — six consecutive times! The last presentation of the day was as fresh, informative and entertaining as the first one was!”
— Mrs. Lutier F. Bole, Placerita Junior High, Newhall, CA

Letter of Recommendation for Karl Anderson

“Let me express my sincerest gratitude for bringing us so much that simply cannot be had anywhere else in Oregon!” — Arnold Roblan, Principal, Marshfield High School, Coos Bay, OR

“Thank you so very much for the vibrant show last week!  Both kids and adults enjoyed your beautiful  birds and lively stories.”  Jill Tierce, Waldport Public Library

“I applaud the work that you do to promote environmental awareness among Oregon’s school children!”  —Les Aucoin, former member of Congress, OR

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation for all your work with students to increase their awareness and appreciation for the diversity of earth’s wildlife!”   —Delaine Eastin, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, California Department of Education

“Thank you so much for your presentation to our students last week! Our students and adults enjoyed the birds tremendously!”  —Julie Johnson, Principal, Holy Cross Catholic School, Portland, OR





“Salem Public Library’s Louck’s Auditorium was full for your “Colors of the Jungle” program! Families absolutely loved seeing the birds and hearing about them! They especially loved when the birds were a bit naughty and flew about the room. You never seemed ruffled, and we look forward to you and your birds visiting our library again!”  —Karen Fischer, Youth Services Manager, Salem Public Library





 “I wish to thank you again for the great program at the library! People were thrilled to see the parrots, to hear about their background, and learn about care of the birds. The birds were happy seeing the audience, the perches you had made for them are perfect for a library setting. I was very impressed with the technique you had with each bird, telling about the behavior and the responsibility of owning such unique species. Thank you for sharing your experiences with parrots for our Summer Reading Program!”   —Sara Charlton, Director, TILLAMOOK COUNTY LIBRARY

“Thanks so much for your spectacular “Colors of the Jungle” program at the Hillsdale Library! The audience was blown away by the incredible array of dazzling macaws and parrots! Your enthusiasm and affection for these birds was infectious and the audience was also lucky to hear you impart so much of your profound knowledge concerning these gorgeous birds. Patrons of all ages were fascinated by your show!

Can’t wait to book you again!”

Lisa Martin Youth Librarian
Hillsdale Library (Multnomah County Library)











Letter received after second show at Oregon State Penitentiary on March 12, 2015



“Karl, the Oregon Bird Man, helped us celebrate my daughter’s 7th birthday during the snow storm that blanketed much of Oregon in early February.  Karl kept his commitment to present his beautiful birds at my daughter’s party, despite six inches of snow, and a commute that doubled in time.  He and his birds were the hit of the party for both the kids (and adults who decided to stay since the weather was too bad to drive!).  Karl’s passion for animals, and his desire to inspire other animal lovers, is evident.  The kids loved the beauty and color of his birds, as well as learning about their habitat, diet, and life span.  It was a great way to spend a snowy afternoon with kids and adults.  Thanks, Karl!” —Lisa, Portland, Oregon


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